3″ x 6″ Plus10 Rosin Press Micron Filter Bags


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HighSqueeze rosin press filter bags are made from high quality material, that is strong and reliable. The Plus10 bag design has two tightly stitched seams. The bags have been reversed inside-out for extra strength, and are ready to be filled for use.

Micron refers to the size of the square holes in the filter mesh. The larger the number, the larger the hole. A micron is a unit of length that is one millionth of a meter or 0.001mm.

We currently make the 3″x6″ Plus10 Rosin bags in material measuring 25u, 37u, 90u, 120u & 220u. 25 and 37 micron are fine mesh, normally used with dry sift or bubble. 90 and 120 are use for pressing flower. 120 and 220 work well as holding bags, which go over the lighter 25u or 37u for added strength. This tech is also known as double or triple bagging. Fill and bag then fold the end over. Then slide this folded end in the second bag, then folded over the second bags end.

Pack Size: 10, 25, 50 or 100 bags

Recommended operating temperature between 82-115ºC. Extracts contain terpenes, which are your smells and flavour compounds. Higher temperatures can evaporate the most volatile terps. there is a balancing act between temperature and volume of extract, verses quality of flavours. Only true experience can give you the answers you seek. I wish you well in your vouge of knowledge.

All are products are made from FDA approved materials. Nylon mesh which is free from dye and are food grade quality, heat resistant up to 220ºC

Dimensions: 3 inches x 6 inches  –  3″ x 6″  –  76mm x 152mm