TERPOMETER (IR) INFRARED in Space (Black or White)


TERPOMETER (IR) INFRARED in Space Black or White

The Terpometer (IR) Infrared is part of Terpometer’s permanent collection, following the Limited Edition release of the White Terpometer IR. The Terpometer IR is a super-clean and effective device that fufills the need of those looking for the optimum dabbing experience. Terpometer IR features technology that provides accurate readings of the temperature of your banger or insert without ever having direct contact. 

The Infrared reading is crucially essential for those using terp slurpers or blender-style quartz bangers, as they may wish to take the reading from multiple points, such as the barrel of a slurper or blender banger and the underneath. It is also a super portable temperature reading device compared to other tabletop designs; plus with the Terpometer Stand, you can turn it into a desktop piece that is flexible or as static as your dabbing set-up requires.

The Terpometer IR is the new addition to the incredible IR technology from Terpometer’s Terp Preservation Team that provides accuracy and precision in a way previously unseen by the dabbing world. 

The Terpometer IR features a keyring attachment that can be attached to your terpometer to guarantee optimum portability so you can dab with ease no matter where you are. 

The Terpometer IR uses Terpometer’s patented RGB colour indication along with an infrared sensor. TERPOMETER IR dabbing tool tools provide the perfect temperature dab every time! The First. The Original. #TRUETOTHETERPS

US Patent No. 10,690,553


  • TERPOMETER Infrared Thermometer
  • German Infared Technology 
  • Titanium Dab tool
  • KeyChain attachment
  • USB Charger
  • Infrared Sensor Technology
  • Ideal for quartz, titanium, ceramic or advanced ceramic surfaces.

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